Joy Millner

Joy Millner is a passionate wellness professional, and founder of both Living Joyfully and The Fit and Food Connection.

Joy Millner

Co-Founder & Author Zero to 100

Joy started out in marketing and advertising, and switched careers many years ago when she realized the unhealthiness of sitting behind a desk all day. For the last 35 years, Joy has coached many individuals and families, especially those in the underserved communities throughout St. Louis, on the tools of holistic wellness. Joy has worked tirelessly to teach about how to exercise, how to eat better, how to sleep better, how to reduce stress, and the importance of self-care.

Joy started Living Joyfully in 2010, and then went on to be Co-Founder of the non-profit The Fit and Food Connection in 2014. Joy’s passion is building confidence through wellness in our low-income communities, and then watching how the confidence gained from that transforms in the most beautiful ways throughout these individuals and families’ lives.

Joy emphasizes how small changes can yield big results, and how simply setting and achieving small wellness goals can create significant change.