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From the Cover

High-profile endorsements from the back of the book.

Zero to 100 has given me a fresh perspective on the value and impact of networking with intent. Showing up with a mind set on serving, connecting, and developing REAL-ationships undoubtedly causes a shift in the atmosphere and will effectively change the business culture one interaction at a time.

Camille DangerfieldFounder, Coaching with Confidence

The beauty of Zero to 100 is that it is a highly INCLUSIVE book on professional networking, focusing on people of different ethnicities and in different stages of their career. Books on networking are usually reflections of the writer's background, typically male and Caucasian, and how they leveraged various circles of influence to reach a certain level of success. It leaves the reader thinking, “Yeah, but I'm not him.” This book is the FIRST to break new ground with substantiated research and detailed analysis of how ANYONE--whether a new grad or struggling business owner; black, brown or white; male or female--can turn on the throttle and make the quick climb from Zero to 100.

Steve TurnerSolomon Turner PR

The Zero to 100 process has taught me to take a realistic look at my own behaviors, while learning about other types of and, empowering myself to wisely choose with whom I might create a valuable and meaningful REALationship. Additionally, Joseph has taught me to reinforce my own values about giving and being of service to others knowing that it always returns with the most rewarding surprises.

Kat Kohler SchwartzTaproots for Life, LLCFounder/Professional Core Alignment Mentor & Coach Instructor

I always wondered how Joseph was so good at networking while maintaining a lot of enthusiasm for doing it. Well, Zero to 100 spills all the (coffee) beans for networking. You'll feel more confident about networking after reading the book and if you put the advice to action, you'll see a difference in your life and business. No matter what business you're in, this book can help take your networking to the next level and beyond.

Mary HodgesFounder & CEO Abundantly Being, LLC

Reading Zero to 100 has helped me realize how important it is to make a connection with others and build a relationship. It has helped me to add value and give, because the more you are willing to give the more you will receive without asking. It has also helped more go out of my comfort zone and connect with social networking groups I was not aware of.

Haitham QumbargiTrusted Warehouse

THIS book is the bible of networking.... everything you need to know in one neat place. A great resource for all... will definitely be referring to anyone looking to take networking to another level confidently. FABULOUS resource!

Shelly GoudreauPrivate Reading Consultant & Independent UnFranchise Owner of Market America/ SHOP.COM
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