K Sonderegger

Committee Chair Brand Development

K. Sonderegger has over 31 years of experience in the branding and graphic design industry, working with clients such as Anheuser-Busch, Zero To 100, MERS Goodwill and The City of St. Charles. She was also the co-founding partner and marketing director of the Taste of St. Louis from 2004-2019.

As a graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, (and after working in several ad agencies and design firms), K. founded Made You Look, LLC, in 2002, when she discovered there was an opportunity to create a design firm that brought the talent and service of a small agency, at a fraction of the cost. Using a “hub-and-spoke” work model, she was able to bring in subcontracted freelance talent to help with workflow, without the costs associated with a brick-and-mortar business model.

In April of 2018, K. joined the board of Zero to 100 as the Committee Brand Chair, and soon after created the fast-growing company’s brand identity and #1 International best selling book cover for “Zero to 100: The Gold Standard in Global Networking.”

In 2021, Made You Look pivoted from a full-service design firm into a Branding + Book Cover design firm, where K. could continue to harness the power of her now-expanded creative team and spend time finding out what makes her clients – and their clients – “tick” in order to come up with creative brands that drive results, and book cover designs that help her clients sky-rocket to Best Seller.

When she is not working on my business, she loves cruising around town in a 1964 Galaxie convertible with her hubby of 21 years, or hanging out with her 15 year old daughter and the family dog, Merle Haggard. She is also a big fan of participating in car shows (pandemic-permitting) with her 1973 Volkswagen, “Thing”; joining friends and colleagues at social events and talking long walks on the beach at Sunset (whenever she can get back to Clearwater, Florida, to visit).

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To reach K. directly please email [email protected]