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To educate you the networker and business leaders by providing a framework to take the stress out of networking that will increase self-awareness, improve confidence, and produce measurable results, creating leaders within your networking communities.

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We help networkers maximize

  • unique strengths & market differentiators
  • behaviors & habits
  • mission & motivators
About the Program

A Journey of Behavioral Understanding

The Student is not just a program—it’s a journey into the depths of behavioral understanding. It equips you with the knowledge of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance to navigate the networking landscape with precision and influence. By integrating the six domains of 12 Driving Forces—Knowledge, Utility, Surroundings, Others, Power, and Methodologies—we provide a comprehensive blueprint that reveals the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your networking style.

From September to March, participants gather monthly to delve into interactive sessions that build upon one another, culminating in real-world application through strategic field trips. These excursions are designed to put your newfound skills to the test, ensuring you extract maximum value from every handshake and conversation.

Celebrating Transformation

As we draw the program to a close with a celebratory event, each graduate is honored with a plaque of achievement, symbolizing their transformation into an emotionally intelligent, influential connector.

At Zero to 100, we’re not just teaching networking—we’re elevating it through the science of behavioral and motivational insights. Join us to become a leader in your networking community, armed with the tools to maximize your unique strengths and motivators.

Zero to 100

2024 Important Dates

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2024 Syllabus

September 11th - Welcome to The Student Orientation

Overview: Kick off your journey with introductions, program expectations, and an overview of Zero to 100’s core values, Mission, Vision, and the role of assessments in transforming your networking abilities.

October 9th - Unlocking Your Behavioral Blueprint

Overview: Uncover insights from your DISC and motivator assessments. Learn to leverage this self-discovery to connect more authentically and conduct 1-2-1 “Caffeinated Moments” with fellow participants.

November 13th - The Art of Connecting

Overview: Explore how DISC/motivators influence your ability to connect. Develop strategies to build bonds with people across different behavioral styles through engaging activities and homework.

December 11th - The Pitch Perfect Networker

Overview: Master the art of pitching by learning to tailor your approach to audiences. Analyze pitches, revamp your elevator pitch, and role-play to distinguish yourself in networking scenarios.

January 8th - Finding Your Networking Niche

Overview: Dive into different networking organizations and identify those best aligned with your strengths. Finalize and deliver your pitches, preparing you to implement techniques effectively.

February 12th - The Student "Field Trip"

Overview: Put your skills into practice at real open and closed networking events. Debrief afterwards to maximize learnings and celebrate your growth as an influential connector.

March 12th - Graduation: The Transformative Celebration

Overview: The culminating celebration! Enjoy dinner with a guest commemorating your “Student” journey. Hear wisdom from alumni. Joseph & Jeanne honor your growth as an influential networker. Receive your plaque celebrating your new status as a networking leader.