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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Zero To 100 different from networking groups?

We are not a networking group. Instead, we serve as a networking educational hub of support to those groups. Regardless of whether your group is membership-based or not, the Zero to 100 process will support attendance and retention while providing the right etiquette, expectations, enhancement of culture, and guidance to those who are both new or experienced in building their business through networking. We believe that each networking group serves a purpose, and our aim is to help networkers establish long-lasting and enriching REAL-ationships.

How is this different than using LinkedIn, Clubhouse or other social media?

Zero to 100 is focused on creating better and more efficient networkers through prioritizing REAL-ationship and by way of networking specific-education that is universally applicable to all organizations.

What does Zero to 100 mean?

Zero to 100 is the process of creating a network or a community of REAL-ationships. It’s going from 0–where you aren’t well-known, to 100, where everyone knows who you are, what product or services you offer, and you’re the person everyone’s dying to meet.

Can Zero to 100 apply to anyone in any field of work?

The Zero to 100 process is targeted to people of all races, ethnicities, genders and income brackets, 18 years and older, within the following categories:

1.  Small Businesses
2. Outside Sales Professionals
3. Multi-level Marketers
4. Entrepreneurs
5. Independent Contractors
6. Academia

What is Zero to 100 doing to ensure that women, minorities, the LGBTQIA+ community and people with disabilities are included?

Our entire company is rooted and founded on diversity and inclusivity. We are a minority-owned and operated company that has a voluntary board of advisors who come from a variety of cultures and business backgrounds. Our book was freely endorsed by a diverse group of experts in their fields. We will also be launching a minority initiative soon. Each piece of our technology will be ADA compliant for people with disabilities.

Do you have examples for how to make warm-introduction emails if I want to connect two contacts?

Absolutely! See below on exactly how to warmly introduce two contacts:
Email Introduction Template

Subject Line: ABC Meet XYZ, XYZ meet ABC

ABC, XYZ is a _______________.

(Short Intro: Say something nice about XYZ, share important accolades and achievements, explain how they’re doing well and love helping people, plus any other important background information relevant to this introduction. This is essentially a short bio on XYZ and the reason that XYZ will be a good pairing for ABC.)

(Expanded Intro: Include a hobby or sport this person is interested in, a favorite food, preferred genre of books or movies, and if this person is family-oriented, etc.)

XYZ, ABC is ____________________________.

(Repeat the above process.)
ABC, go ahead and start scheduling meetings over coffee with XYZ ​(and any other individuals listed.)

ABC’s Contact Info:
Name, phone, email and relevant social media links

XYZ’s Contact Info:
Name, phone, email and relevant social media links

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I'm not in "sales," so why would this book be for me?

The book ​Zero to 100: The Gold Standard of Global Networking​ is for individuals who:

1. Want more consistent referrals
2. Want warm introductions
3. Want to generate more revenue
4. Want to build deeper REAL-ationships
5. Want to diversify and expand their networks locally or globally, virtually or face-to-face

I'm an introvert, so I can be shy when meeting new people––will this book help me with that?

We understand that networking can be intimidating, one-sided and transactional. For some people, small talk seems impossible. There are techniques detailed in the book that help overcome these challenges, such as taking a wing-person with you! You can go to events with a friend, coworker or referral partner, and ask that person to introduce you to others. It helps ease the tension and you’ll find yourself opening up more and more. This and other techniques are taught in our book, ​Zero to 100: The Gold Standard of Global Networking, ​for you to use and help the flow of conversation become more fluid and second-nature!