Alexander McArthy

Web Developer

Named one of ‘2019’s Rising Croatian American Stars’, Alexander McArthy founded RaisingSails, a digital marketing and design studio in St. Louis. The agency has also received international recognition, cited as a ‘top contender in St. Louis’ for their work and performance. Still, he contends that developing Zero to 100’s website will be RaisingSails’ most noteworthy accomplishment of all.

Alexander is also a board member of Association of Croatian-American Professionals, has had elected office, and is a 3-time bee sting survivor. In 2020 he had 4 viral posts on Facebook & Tik-Tok amassing nearly 5 million engagements cumulatively.

RaisingSails has a unique perspective on marketing: “Your brand has a right to entice the world, and people deserve an opportunity to experience it. Us? We have the responsibility to make that happen. This is the foundation of our team’s mindset, our promise, and at the core of our mission statement.We believe passion drives performance and that great talent will do great work, so we invest in people and give them the opportunity to flourish.”

Learn more at or email him [email protected]