Amanda LaPlante

Committee Chair Events

Alara LaPlante MA, NBCHWC, INHC, CPMC, CMT is a speaker, healer, and spiritual mentor who helps people integrate spiritual experiences into ordinary life, and understand how their outer world and physical body are reflections of their inner world. 

Alara is accredited as a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, with years of experience working alongside physicians. She is also a modern day mystic with lineage of Tao Enlightened Masters, native shaman, and quantum healers. 

Alara bridges ancient arts and modern medicine. She creates sacred, safe space for her community of healers and seekers to embody personal sovereignty, through 1:1 deep dive sessions and live group experiences, such as her “Inner Journeys with Cacao” group coaching circles and her “Spirit-Led Retreats” in destinations such as Sedona and Bali. 

In her personal time, Amanda enjoys watching her son play baseball, chilling with her dog, and listening to live music with her husband.

To connect with Amanda, email her at [email protected]