Ashley Robinson

Committee Chair Business Administration & Process

Ashley is a Fitness and Nutrition Specialist with over 10 years in the health and wellness industry. Out of love for health and helping others, she founded FIT360 Lifestyle with the purpose of using fitness and nutrition to help her clients unlock their full potential. Ashley has coached clients of all ages and skill levels, and strives to create a fit, happy, and healthy community of people living their best life.

Ashley’s role as a Zero to 100 Board Member and Committee Chair for Business Administration & Process Implementation has allowed her to contribute to building Zt0 from the very beginning. During that time Ashley has made a significant impact through her many conversations with Joseph Luckett, coordinating board events, and establishing the strategic framework to launch Zt0.

In her free time, Ashley and her husband Matt enjoy taking their triplets (Abigail, Claire, and Mason), along with their younger brother (Michael), on outdoor adventures, going on family road trips, and coaching their kids’ sports. Ashley was a Division 1 collegiate athlete who played soccer for North Dakota State University, and she enjoys listening to podcasts, cooking new healthy food recipes, and working out.

Ashley is an ACE Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, National D Licensed Coach (U.S. Soccer Federation), and Registered Nurse, with a majority of her experience working in the Emergency Room.

To connect with Ashley, reach out to her at [email protected]