Lauren Aikens

Zero to 100 Hype Woman

Lauren Aikens Co-Founder of Thomas Lauren Collection is a Compassionate Wife, Mom Business Owner and Friend.

Lauren is “All-In” and driven in all areas of life. A dedicated wife and homeschooling mama, as the Founder of Thomas Lauren Collection (Thomas Lauren LLC) Her Associates Degree in Interior Design brings a unique and special design to each piece created at TLC.

Thomas Lauren Collection is operated by Lauren and her father Thomas. A fully hand-crafted home decor company that was built from the ground up (Literally, the company started from a fallen fence in her fathers backyard in 2010) and remains deeply rooted in human connection, compassion and service. Lauren brings to life in her work what resides in souls of her clients and connections – simply by listening. She takes the time to craft the perfect piece for the given situation, circumstance or celebration.

On the board for Zero to 100, and an active member on the event committee she aims to bring the full experience of Zero to 100 to life in every setting. Full of life and excitement she focuses on the full meaning of fellowship in orchestrating events that boast the soil of building “Real- ationships” coined by Joseph Luckett.

Lauren is as silly, witty, and as honest as they come. She landed her seat on the board by directly asking Joseph, “Do you have people who will lovingly tell you if something is not good enough?”. Proud to reside outside of an echo chamber, she adamantly believes in and sees the best in everyone. Often times more than they themselves see it.

In her free time she enjoys traveling with her family, attending Faith Church, being in nature, and pouring into others.