Zero to 100: The Gold Standard of Global Networking (Hardback)

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An Amazon #1 International Best Seller- includes exclusive 1st Print Hardcover Edition & 1 inspirational bookmark.

The Gold Standard of Global Networking was written by Joseph Luckett as a blueprint to efficient and measurable networking through relationship-building and a focus on the value you contribute. The book has received major endorsements from revered networking leaders & is the 1st if not the only business-networking book in the world to bring a universal and inclusive approach to business networking!

Zero to 100 The Gold Standard of Global Networking is the 1st business-networking book in the world to be backed by science.

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An Amazon #1 International Best Seller – The Gold Standard of Global Networking was written by Joseph Luckett as a blueprint to efficient and measurable networking through relationship-building and a focus on the value you contribute. The book has received major endorsements from revered networking leaders & is the 1st if not the only business-networking book in the world to bring a universal and inclusive approach to business networking!

Zero to 100 The Gold Standard of Global Networking is the 1st business-networking book in the world to be backed by science. Some of the findings in the 12-week study were:

  • 346% improvement in dealing with the challenges of networking
  • A 296% improvement in the benefits of networking
  • The single biggest factor in individual improvements was how closely the participants followed the principles within the book.

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23 reviews for Zero to 100: The Gold Standard of Global Networking (Hardback)

  1. Michael Fritzius

    I played with LEGO a lot as a kid (and who am I kidding: I still do). Being able to combine pieces, figure out how they connect to each other, and make up designs was something that I did during my formative years.

    And I used to apply a similar tactic to networking. Over the years I’ve found key concepts that I’ve used as I develop a networking strategy. Some things work, some don’t, some kinda work and some I’m not ready for yet, but keep in the back of my mind.

    Piecemealing a networking strategy together was how I used to operate. That is: until this book came along.

    Zero to 100 is like having a master plan that uses ALL of your LEGO bricks, to build something amazing. All the strategies that I’ve already learned come together with strategies I haven’t heard of yet, but in a way where everything together makes complete sense.

    If you start reading this book, and it feels like it was made just for you–that you have the moment of clarity and realize, “wow, this makes total sense,”–then you are absolutely ready for this. And your networking potential will take off.

    You’ll be able to maximize your time, spin your wheels less, be effective with how you network, and who you network with, and quickly assess who needs to be in yours and who doesn’t. You’ll reclaim a ton of time, have more success, and build your network with people who you’re fans of, and who are fans of you. Fast.

    if you understand even a fraction of the power that a great network can have on your life and business: get this book, like, yesterday.

  2. Christine Troupe


    Zero to 100 is THE premier book for networking strategy. From the proven results to the appendix this book provides a wealth of information & processes that truly take you from Zero to 100 in any industry, anywhere. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make networking work for you then YOU NEED THIS BOOK! It’s an easy read and get’s right to the heart of our collective concerns about how we truly spend our time. I can’t say enough how much this book has truly added value to not just my business but to me as an individual wanting to build REAL-ationships with everyone I meet. Keep up the great work!

  3. Katherine Flett

    This book deserves all FIVE STARS as it has exceeded my expectations –

    This book is a MUST for business professionals who are looking to enhance their networks and careers. I can’t wait to put what I have gained from reading it into practice. It has given me a fresh perspective on networking and the importance of building REAL-ationships and networking with purpose. THANK YOU Joseph Luckett for writing this gem for the good of all!

  4. Mike McCann

    You’re never too good that you can’t get better.

    There’s an old country saying that someone once taught me, “When you’re green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot. Stay green and keep growing.” “Zero to 100” is a book that’s chock full ideas, philosophies and great language to embrace that can help anyone, regardless of their level of success in life or business, that can help them grow and improve their effectiveness in building and taking the relationships they want and have with others to new heights. And isn’t that what we’re here for, to build and nurture relationships for the common good? There’s so many great and transferable principles in this book. If you’re willing to consider yourself “green” and still interested in growing, pick “Zero to 100” up and add it to your resources library. You will find yourself routinely going back to it to sharpen your skills and solidify your beliefs in relationship building.

  5. Frank Danzo

    Value added

    This book provides the reader with endless value to their networking career. As someone who works in the business field, I have implemented some of the strategies from the book into my work life and have seen major improvements in my networking skills. There are various types of information you can gain from this book, from outlines on writing the perfect elevator pitch to templates for introducing yourself through email. This book is packed full of valuable information.

  6. Ricardo Olvera Martinez

    Networking is for EVERYONE

    Zero to 100 brings networking into perspective. It shows the importance of it and how crucial it is to better understanding others and oneself.

    I relate a lot to the different expirences that are talked about in the book as a young hispanic.

    I also believe that this book can give more young people the confidence to network by understanding the benefits of it. Networking is always looked as some antiquated form of communication for younger adults, but that’s far from the truth. This book goes into the benefit of networking and so much more to grow professionally.

    I highly recomend this book to all young people and Hispanics that want to be understand how networking can benefit them professionally and personally.

  7. Carly Black

    A Must Read for New and Old Networkers!

    Wow, I just finished Zero to One Hundred and I truly can say that this book has already changed our business in so many ways! Being new to Colorado, I was looking to make real connections and this book has been everything and more. I am truly appreciative of this book and have already told others about it. If you are new to networking or you’ve been in networking for years, this is a book you will want to pick up! Thank you Joseph for all of this incredible content. We are truly blessed for your knowledge.

    Carly Black, Co-Founder of Revival Society

  8. Cynthia Kirkpatrick

    Helpful tips in exploding your relationships, network, and business.

    This book dives into everything centered on networking and relationship building: from the basic nuts and bolts to high-level processes and strategy. Every layer is necessary and this book explains why and how to set up a system to be exponentially successful. It’s real, honest, funny, and helpful.


    Quick read with tons to implement via action plans

    Fast read with lots of action plans to take away and implement right away. This book makes you rethink how to approach networking and how to make the most out of coffee meetings. I was so impressed with the content that I am adding this book to my onboarding process for new hires.

  10. Cheri Zink

    Great content – ready to execute my plan!!!

    Great read for business owners! I love that Joseph goes deep into the details of networking. As a relatively new (nearly 4 years) business owner it is important in my business to network, yet it can be very overwhelming. I love that I can take what I learned in Zero to 100, use the tools Joseph provided in the appendix, put it to work and then measure my success and truly understand my networking ROI. I am excited about putting this altogether and finding more success in networking in 2023.

    Thank you, Joseph Luckett, for sharing your knowledge and success with us!!!

  11. Rick Shore

    Invest in Yourself by Investing in Others

    Joseph Luckett has done a masterful job of capturing the essentials of building what he calls REALationships.
    In business, and in life following the well described essence of “Connetiquette” Luckett delivers the best how to and why to, in becoming a connector and building a strong network. As Luckett masterfully describes “Networking can be a very selfish sport. Connecting is a team-oriented sport.
    A must read for all who want and need to build a solid network while bringing value to all those you engage.

  12. Sue Neumann

    My name is Sue Neumann and I lead a networking group called TIN (The Inside Network) in St. Louis, Missouri. As with any group you can be challenged as a leader to know what’s best to provide to them so they can effectively network and grow their businesses. I finished reading Joseph’s book and quickly realized how remarkable it was because it combined everything I had learned about networking in the last 15 years! I started teaching the TIN group from Zero to 100 about a month ago and I already see changes happening. This past week we paired people up at our meeting to practice intentional networking and my partner and I have already exchanged several referrals this week. It’s so powerful when you intentionally network and get to know and understand the people you partner with so you do it effectively. The book is a gamer changer and I highly recommend it!

  13. Brandy Dudenhoeffer

    The Zero to 100 book has great content for anyone in networking. I’ve been networking for awhile and I learned a lot. So whether you’re new to networking or an old dog, it’s worth the read. Old digs can still learn new tricks!!

  14. Dr. Marlee Coleman

    This book has been the biggest GAME CHANGER of my life! When I entered the networking world about a year ago, I was overwhelmed. I had a ton of “experts” in networking giving me advice on what worked for them, but I wasn’t finding the same success. I quickly became frustrated and lost. It wasn’t until I read Zero to 100 that I understood what style of networking worked specifically for ME. That’s what really sets this book apart; no matter where you are in your networking journey or what type of person you are, this book really meets you where you are. Cannot recommend this book enough!

  15. Amanda Aimonette

    There is joy to be had when it comes to networking and Joseph’s book Zero to 100 takes you through journey with insightful and inspirational plans for networking the REAL way! Methods that will take you from feeling frustrated to feeling empowered are all right here. It’s like having a coach who meets you right where you are on the way to where you want to go and who better to learn from them a humble leader in the industry! Get this book and change the scope of your networking life!

  16. Angie Monko

    Zero to 100 reminded me just how important the power of networking is. It’s all about people and REAL-ationships. Like Joseph says, “You can make someone feel good in your own, intentional way.” This is the crux of the whole book. When we get out of our own way, and come with a clear intention to each meeting, and just be ourselves, we can deeply connect with another human being.

    Joseph has done an amazing job of outlining the networking process from start to finish, weaving the metaphor of coffee into it all. It’s fun, simple and straightforward.

    I also really appreciate his emphasis on respect for each other. When we value each other and create deep connection with one another, not only do we grow our business and impact through quality referrals, but we also create lifetime friendships.

    There is nothing better than doing business with people we adore and trust. It’s comforting to know that we have people in our corner who will be there in times where we really need support. And we will be there for them. I highly recommend Zero to 100. Thanks, Joseph, for being a force for good in this world!

  17. Theresa Mcneilly

    I had an AHA moment when reading this book that helped me reframe and change my mindset about what networking is. I thought networking was about how I can help them or if they can help me. Instead, it is about who can I connect to them and who can they connect to me. Instead of thinking that networking is a self-fulfilling or a one on one act, it is treating networking with more intention and on a grander scale. It’s more about connecting and connection than anything else. I absolutely love that!

  18. Matthew D’Rion | Founder and CEO

    Zero to 100 is literally the manual on networking and business relationships. It codifies and provides a workable technology for networking in a manner I’ve never seen before. If applied and adopted by networking organizations and professionals the result would not only be personal prosperity – it would be a wide reaching positive economic impact for entire groups, cities, states or countries.

  19. Sallye K. Herndon Fagala

    I wish I had this book years ago when I started my business and started networking. I didn’t have a clue what networking entailed. I’ve taken the DISC assessment and never realized how that dove tailed into how to network. I still have a things I need to work on and now I have a guide that helps me stay on track. I am a high S so it takes me a little bit of time to warm up to people and feel comfortable to share and be vulnerable. Relationships are key to growing your business, as Joseph said (p43) “People don’t buy products — they buy you”

  20. Susan Neumann

    I have been networking in St. Louis for the past 15 years and thought I learned what I needed to know to network effectively. However, I was missing a very key component that is shared in Joseph’s book so I beg all of you – don’t wait – get the book and read it and apply it. Your business will soar and you will build relationships that will last forever.

  21. Derek Stephens

    Phenomenal book!

    Zero to 100 is such a great guide into the world of networking, which can be intimidating and very scattered, which is why Joseph’s research and efforts to make it a process is such a refreshing take. From a novice building a network or an expert that has an established network can maximize the lessons he teaches. His passion to the process has really shown through in this book and it’s something that should be a part of any sales organization or an entrepreneur growing a business.

  22. Anna Meurer

    Even with years of experience, this book elevated my networking skills to a whole new level. It teaches you how to be effective and efficient – not just out there pounding the pavement. Now I am spending my time cultivating true REAL-ationships. It’s important to understand the give and take in REAL-ationships and this book shows you how to ‘give back’ to those that support you. I have a greater understanding of an elevator pitch and now know how to define and reach my target audience.

    Thanks to Joe, I’m no longer allowing my coffee to go cold! I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to build their business through real connections and values!

  23. Amy Narishkin, PhD

    It’s not always easy to talk with people who are new and different. But Joseph and his book take the mystery out of connecting and networking. To be successful in the workplace, in our community and at home, Joseph recognizes we need to be in a mindset of “service to the other.” In this practical guide, Joseph teaches easy-to-remember strategies for creating genuine human connection. His formulas create a win-win scenario, benefitting both you and the other person. As a Cultural Intelligence trainer and coach, I know the skills and heart for networking that Joseph teaches are universal; they apply to both domestic and international networking. I highly recommend this practical wisdom!

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